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Buying Gifts Online

Buying gifts for men on line has never been easier since Bullets2Bandages put up their official website. the website is it specializes in gifts for men, originally, specifically gifts for a best man and so are referred to as groomsmen gifts but since they started in 2011 it has become apparent that the gifts are ideal for almost any man on any occasion with Father’s day being a particularly busy time.

All the gifts are themed on military ammunition and so they are unique and appealing to men. Many of the items, like the 50mm bottle opener are actually made from used 50mm cartridges and so you cannot get more unique than that but Bullets2Bandages take their uniqueness one step further by adding personalized engravings on each item. So a 50mm bottle opener, for example, which is being given as a gift for a best man at a wedding, could be engraved with the words “Best Man”, the date and the best man’s name. This makes each and every gift unique but not only that, like the bottle opener, all the gifts are practical and so will not just be put in a draw and forgotten about, they will be in constant use and serve as a reminder of the occasion on which they received it.

As originally designed as gifts for men, the company only used to sell the items in three colours; silver, black and OD Green but due to a surprising number of women that have shown interest in owning some of these items, the company has added pink to their choice of colours. The company was not only surprised to receive orders from women but they also received many enquiries from bars and clubs wanting to know if they had any items which could be used in bars. In response to these enquiries the company now offers a larger choice of inventory which still includes the cuff links, bottle openers, key chains and six shooter shot glasses for individuals but now also includes beer trays, coasters, pint glasses and beer pump handles for use in bars.

The company was founded in 2010 by two ex-navy explosive ordinance officers and started to sell in 2011 and since then the company has thrived, showing that a munitions theme for gifts for men is a popular one. Most men on any occasion would be pleased to receive a gift like these which are unique, practical and often the topic of conversation when used in company. The personalization helps the recipients to remember when and where the gift was given and often the gifts evoke stories from the past from one or other in the company.

As the founders once served in the navy, they donate a percentage of their income from these gifts to various veteran organizations and charities which makes each gift a double gift, once for the deserving person the gift is intended for and once for an equally deserving veteran for their service.