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Working in Canada

Canada is a great country and so many people from various countries around the world would like to work there and although Canada, like any other country, has its regulations about immigration, it is easier to move to Canada than it is many other countries. If you are interested in how to go about moving to work in Canada you can learn how here. One of the things that the website will tell you is that that the Federal Government of Canada provides a list known as the Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) which lists any trades or professions that would be given priority treatment when applying for work visas.

It will also tell that besides this list issued by the b Federal government, each of the three territories and ten Provinces which make up Canada can also create a list of the trades and professions they most need. Between all the lists there is a fairly wide ranging number of trades and professions and so you may well find one which applies to you and thereby make your application process to work legally in Canada much easier. Some people though, have said that there is one way which is easier and that is to get a student Visa and later apply for a work Visa and this may be true if, you can qualify for that student Visa and already be in Canada when you apply for the work one.

If your trade or profession is not on any of the above lists though it does not mean that you cannot still apply for a work Visa it just means that it may take longer and be harder to be successful. Although the number of migrants from the United States to Canada is not usually very high there are times when the numbers increase greatly and in fact there have been two recent occasions when the numbers got so high that the website struggled to handle them and had to shut down for a while. The first of these times was when there was a very significant drop in the price of shares on the stock market.

That was a couple of years ago now but a more recent case of a very large number of Americans at least asking about immigration to Canada was when it was announced that Donald Trump had won the United States Presidential Election. As to whether the numbers making enquiries will actually represent the numbers that actually do make the move, we will have to see when Trump moves into the White House. Many Americans have already visited Canada as they need no Visa to cross the border between the countries but in order to stay in Canada permanently they would need either a residential permit or a work Visa if they want to work whilst they are there. With Canada being such a large country with such a relatively small population, it is likely that they will still be needing immigrants for many more years to come.